Sunday, November 20, 2011

What is Required

This Locked sissy is required by Master to post a list of requirements that it is to follow in its journey. So this will be the starting point of all else that is to follow in the future and its' evolution to become the perfect slave for its' Master and as a demonstration to this sissy's compliance and obedience to Master's Orders, Directives and Instructions.

1. The sissy is to remain Locked in any chastity device directed by the sissy's Master for any time period given by Master.
2. This sissy is to keep the pubic area, ovaries and bottom of the sissy smooth, hairless and clean at all times by Order of Master.
3. The sissy is not allowed to receive the pleasure of an Orgasm without the express permission of Master.
4. The sissy is to seek out constant stimulation in any form in an effort to Tease the sissy into new levels of frustration and assist the sissy in an effort to drive it into deeper submission to its' Master.
5. The sissy is to undergo Anal Training on a routine set Schedule three times a week for a period of not less than 2 hours per session, plus on demand of its's Master.
6. The sissy may chat, exchange emails with slaves, Dominants and others per the one condition that other Dominants not attempt to co-opt Master's Property. Any attempt at co-opting the sissy will be reported to Master and the contact with the Dominant will be terminated immediately until Master has cleared the sissy to resume any and all conversations with the Dominant.
7. The sissy is to be Obedient to all Orders given not in conflict with any of the above by a Dominant the sissy is in conversation with in chat or email, providing that Master has cleared the Dominant's right to issue any Order/Instruction to the sissy before issuance of any commands.
8. The sissy is to be polite, respectful and Open Minded in all of its interactions with those it chats with at all times.
9. The Sissy is to be Obedient at the exclusion to others it may be in chat with upon the Call of Master and terminate the current conversation using all respect towards the person it is in conversation with.
10. Master expects the sissy to continue to function that Orders, Directives, Instructions from Master supersede all such Orders, Directives, Instructions of any Dominant sissy is in conversation with, (Master's Orders are Paramount to sissy).
11. Master is Master and there are no others before or above Master and the sissy will immediately come to compliance with any Order, Directive or, Instruction given to sissy.

The sissy has posted this as per Master's Instruction and is in compliance to Master's wishes. As the sissy's evolution and journey continue the sissy will update as per Master's wishes. till then, the sissy wishes you well.

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  1. From one sissy to another, here's wishing you well. ;o)

    sissy maid diane